Springfield Orthodontics

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30 North Brookside Rd.
Springfield, PA 19064
(610) 544-0120

What Sets Us Apart

Our treatment philosophy

Dr. Thomas recognizes that each patient is a unique individual and that a one size fits all treatment plan does not work. Each patient has their complete records evaluated so that a personalized treatment plan can be formulated. This approach encompasses an assessment of both the hard and soft tissues that make up the oral cavity and is designed to give the most stable long-term result. We want your smile to appear natural and well balanced while providing you with the healthiest long term function.

Dr. Thomas  and our staff pursue continuing education in order to offer our patients the latest, proven orthodontic treatments. Communication with your general dentist ensures that we create a harmonious team approach to your care and the doctors pride themselves on being accessible and available.

We emphasize getting to know our patients and their families. We are always available to answer your questions, allay your concerns, and ensure that you understand your options and the expected outcomes of your orthodontic plan. In our office, everyone loves working with the younger patients who are just beginning orthodontic treatment and we always make the time to talk with our patients, getting to know about their lives and loves.

Dr. Thomas and our staff live in the area and we are active in our communities.  We work with healthcare providers to ensure that we can dedicate a portion of our time to patients from under privileged areas.

Community Partnerships and Charitable Giving

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  • Alex's Lemonade Foundation Lemon Ball and the Penn Wynne Original Lemonade Stand
  • Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center Ride to Conquer Cancer - Dr. Thomas and Susan Ranck participated in the 2-day,150 mile bike ride to raise funds for research.
  • March of Dimes Run for Babies 
  • Research for CHOP's Eosinophilic Disorders 2nd Annual Skate Off for Brendan and Ryan Dixon
  •  Research Fund for Esophageal Cancer-Abrams Cancer Center at UPenn Rick's Run
  • Springfield High School Steve Stefani Dance Marathon for Childhood Cancer